Jeffery Steven Stone shares details of recent successfully secured investments

Jeffery Steven Stone Shares Details of Recent Successfully Secured Investments




In a series of deals worth in excess of $12.3 million, New York City capital procurement specialist and Eurasian Capital, LLC managing partner Jeffery Steven Stone has overseen a variety of factor line, bridge, and other investments on behalf of several highly successful U.S. businesses and organizations including the American Seniors Association and Florida-based public holding company Cardiff Lexington Corporation.


In one of five deals highlighted by Stone, the first points toward a bridge investment secured for Redwood Scientific Technologies, Inc. worth $725,000. A pharmaceutical company based in Upland, California, Redwood Scientific Technologies, Inc. is a developer, manufacturer, and marketer of some of the country’s most cutting-edge over-the-counter FDA registered drugs.


This was quickly followed by a further arrangement made on behalf of DigitalTown, Inc. worth $1 million and designed to see the turnkey hosted solutions provider continue its efforts to power so-called smart cities. “Providing locally-owned solutions for economic development, civic engagement, and digital inclusion, DigitalTown, Inc. is powering an entirely new type of smart city,” Stone explains, “providing what it calls innovative web and mobile solutions to municipal challenges.”


The third deal on behalf of Cardiff Lexington Corporation will, according to Stone, see the Fort Lauderdale-based public holding company proceed with its plan to acquire and merge with a variety of middle market businesses. “This,” he explains, “provides those businesses with the option of an infusion of equity or the ability to exit equity from within the company itself.”


Stone continues, “The corporation’s focus is neither industry or location dependent but is instead opportunity oriented, with emphasis placed on proven management, market, and margin.”


Meanwhile, New York-based Stone has also secured a further $500,000 bridge investment on behalf of the American Seniors Association.


U.S. Capital Procurement Specialist Jeffery Steven Stone Reflects on Recently Secured Investments Worth a Total of Over $12 Million.

The fastest growing senior advocacy group in the United States, the American Seniors Association considers itself the new voice of America’s seniors and is committed to providing its members with the choices, information, and services they require, according to the capital procurement specialist. “The organization believes that America’s seniors must stand up and be heard, and provides them with the tools which they need to live healthier wealthier lives,” adds the New Yorker.


Lastly, he turns to a multi-million dollar factor line investment secured for Phoenix Energy Resources, LLC. Worth $10,000,000 to the Princeton-based mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction firm, the investment, says Stone, arranged on behalf of the company represents an excellent result, both for the energy resources business and the procurement specialist himself personally, as well as the rest of the team at Eurasian Capital, LLC.


Jeffery Steven Stone is a senior partner at New York City-based Eurasian Capital, LLC, responsible for trading the firm’s proprietary capital and corporate finance platform. Further to overseeing the organization’s selection analysis and daily investment affairs, principal activities entail utilizing a platform of hedging strategies including quantitative-driven swing trading, covered call writing, and pair trading activity. Stone also oversaw and secured finance for the development of the firm’s proprietary algorithmic trading software, entailing operational research, detailed mathematical modeling, probability theory, and numerical analysis.


To learn more about Jeffery Steven Stone or to reach out, please visit his LinkedIn.

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